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    Alarm rang!! rang!! rang!! He snoozed it everytime until it dragged him from his dizziness. It was 6:00 in mellow morn, he used to wake up around 8:00 but yesternight he himself set 10 alarms starting from 5:00 to 7:00. He knew her busy schedule of crushing classes and plethora of assignments to be submitted. She won't be getting time till evening and not even after that to talk to him so he just tried to make his morn by sending her morning wishes. He texted, " Good Morning! How are you?" and waited for the reply but still the dreams drawn him into its duvet. A drizzling sleep it was checking his cell every 10 or 15 minutes he was lingering between the crave for her reply and the sleep. She texted," Good Morning! I am fine" at 7:20 AM. It was the time of her first class which used to start at 7:30 AM. They texted for 10 minutes. She told him her whole day schedule and proposed to meet at 10:00 PM in night after dinner. He agreed but still his heart was there in that chatbox waiting for her. He always left a text at the end "I'll be waiting" which was his heart's hiraeth. She replied in break. He replied instantly as his sinking heart skipped a beat with the text notification. They chatted for a while regarding their day till then, weather, dishes they had in lunch and much more. He also wrote some verses for her and sent. She liked it and said, "I saved it. It is so close to my heart." They were emotional at times as a bond beyond words knitted between them also blossomed the fear of losing each other. He said, "Angel! Please don't leave me". A minute of silence with his heart drowning and eyes ebbing stayed when she replied, "I'll not. Abandon this fear from your heart." He said," Thank you for being in my life". Again she went for the classes and he indulged in his work with the same song in earphone that she shared to him first. He was missing her even after knowing that she was busy and will come in evening. In evening around she shared pictures of milky clouds with a cyan hue like Mahadeva's throat. It was pure bliss to absorb the scenic beauty. He replied in a compliment. The tipsy twilight slid on slope of wait when he texted her at 10:00 ,"I'm here" She said,"Just wait for sometime, I'm coming". It was drizzling outside at his place the raindrops were jumping inside his room after striking maroon window pane. The wait becomes venomous when weather whispers its warmth or wail. She texted at 10:30, "I'm finally here" They talked about their rest of the day, he told her that he missed her and was listening to her song. She said, " Aww ��! This is our song and we'll not share with anyother." They listened song together playing it simultaneously and talked till 2:30 AM even though both had to wake up early for their commitments. They said "Good night" and waited for the sleep to caress them in its arms.

    They chatted for days like this. Everthing was so surreal and subjugatory for him. He thanked God in every breath for blessing him with Angel. Even though they decided to meet at 10:00 at night but never followed that, they chatted whole day in bits and pieces whenever got time. She is too caring, genuine, understanding, mature and silly sometimes but she knew how to solace his shivering soul when he cried. All this made nature to nurture a narcissus of love in his blank bosom. This made his fear of losing to grow more. The more you love the more fear dwells in your heart if it's one-sided. For him it was one-sided he never expressed it till then.

    It was a cloudy day when charcoaled clouds veneered the welkin seeping chilly charms to captivate the Earth. Just like the sombre sky his heart was also pounding hard with a strange sense. He texted her in morning but she wasn't feeling good. He asked "What happened?" She just said him she just want to be alone and she left. Summer of suspicions scorched his soul whether he mistook something and she got angry with him. He texted again and again but no replies, he sent voice notes in quavering voice saying sorry again and again. He was crying as it felt his fear tormented as truth. She replied in noon when she returned from her class,"Do you want to get beaten? What is this? Listen to your voice! You were crying badly" He told her about his fear and suspicion. She said, "Come here and sent a virtual hug. It feels like you can't even live one day without me. I'm happy as well as sad. You care so much for me but don't do this again. I'll come back here only" He said, "I can't see you sad and if you are I'll try to bloom a smile even if I have to sacrifice my soul. Your smile is everything for me." She was happily emotional to have him and she became everything for him. They promised to not leave each other ever. They were happy together. She became his happiness and he became his buddhu that day.



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