• worddrug 50w


    I felt like a computer without an output device
    A blank face and dried eyes like a deserted premise
    Trying to let go off the reminisces of every sacrifice
    I entered my grave witnesseth of humanity's demise

    Compassion shed tears as it watched me strive
    But no one came forward to take me out alive
    Comes off as even if they had any odds to revive
    They'd never want to see me conquer and thrive

    To disfigure my clitoris, necrophiles were so keen
    Placating the rage that swelled ever since sixteen
    They raped my corpse & suck my honour all clean
    Served on the concrete, I was an exquisite cuisine

    My soul stood aside to notice the vengeance
    I had to pay for my hatred towards their pretence
    Cackling hard as they all impose a penance
    As it begged to leave me for the sake of heavens


    Picture source: Pinterest

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