• helpshark 83w

    The book on the highest shelf...

    We sneaked into the library 
    It was the dead of night 
    We took the great big ladder on wheels
    There wasnt any light

    We pushed it by the window
    And climbed by the light of the moon
    Trying to be as quiet as mice
    The librarian would be back real soon 

    We wanted that book that was way up high
    The one up there on it's own 
    We were never allowed to borrow it
    And it's title is a mystery, unknown

    So we clambered up one hundred steps
    To the book on tbe highest shelf
    To see if it was all about 
    A wizard or chocolate or an elf

    And right at the top we reached out
    The ladders wobbled and gave us a fright
    The cover read health and safety
    And something about working at height......