• pawani_t 18w

    The Cursed Night or the Enchanted Night

    "You must be very satisfied with your being, aren't you? "
    Was the question that kept lingering in the night's mind for ages.
    Many a days went by,
    Trying to find a positive answer for the same.

    Solitude gripped tight,
    Over the shoulders of night.
    With a mountain of self-doubt,
    The night started pondering over its existence-
    "Aren't the stars that occupy my habitat,
    Mere thieves,
    Trying to overshadow my presence? "

    "Isn't the moonlight,
    Lighting up my frame,
    Trying to diminish my competency? "

    "Am I cursed to be forever alone,
    Even though I am surrounded by many a souls known? "

    In these moment of self - loathing,
    Appeared the surreal fairy
    To give the night
    A view of the appealing reality.

    "Oh my Enchanted Night :
    It is the stars that paint your beautiful canvas.
    It is the moon that romanticizes you.
    Living in harmony with others
    Is what makes us balanced.
    It is the company of others
    That add on to our winsome existence."

    Finally the night was indeed satisfied with its being!