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    Ars Poetica .

    I'm a poet
    as a wayfarer
    looking for
    thousands of
    sunsets to
    knead my
    Ars Poetica
    For this I
    visited a fair
    where street
    vendors wore
    business suits
    and were
    selling poetic
    and similes
    in cents,

    if they would
    have known
    what they are
    selling in
    mere cents
    is for what
    I'm ready to
    give my life

    To there ,
    I sold my
    grey rhymed
    hair ,
    my quill of
    beige vowels
    and verbs,
    my waxed
    which is the
    verse of five
    metrical feet
    an iambic

    I sold what
    they were
    selling and
    I bought
    many muses
    in the suburbs
    of poetic
    city .

    /I chortled as I hopped on the stairs of scintillating metaphors my right hand caught the crescent of moon and left hand grabbed the starry night/

    @shaiz_fs ❤️

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    I sold the poet inside me
    To keep poetry blooming