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    • c i p h e r i n g c o l o r s •

    // dauntless sepia descends -
    where if love stops to lead, hope takes over. //

    // sublime bohemian pastels fly when -
    galahad sojourn in mapletown transcends to sleek path of mercy through music. //

    // warm ambers in frost reign -
    as silver sword of the fierce valkyrie chops the sunshine to scatter peace in all the nine realms. //

    // rosewood turns to papers -
    if bones are powdered to make pearly ink, as tears of heart form words. //

    // saccharine shines -
    when pain disguises in poetry but cyanotic effect of pain doesn't subside. //

    // mustard succumbs -
    cathedral swings in night stars, carols refuse to stop, candles lit to send sign to the alpha and omega of universe. //

    // beiges add to walls -
    as burnt roses slip into thin air, flee towards west, leftover ashes of thorns still pierce into soles of feet, results in phantom limb. //

    // ascian nebula refers to -
    lost souls resting in gray to reform stablility in anything by stumbling over in arcades of lemons, as cicadas trail over their capes while they silently disappear into shadows. //


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