• _astitva_ 21w

    Betwixt the smog of darkness and suffocating sighs I saw a fire raging with reminiscences illuminating the nights with sparkles in its flames, breathing blotches of society spilling the stains on inhumanity's face still waving the warmth to shivering souls, solacing and infusing inspiration to all and sundry but now its redness is rheotoric!!

    But believe in those blossoming buds which got existence by her benediction, those moments which were baked in her heat, the brazier will preserve the charcoal of her captivation always till cosmos respires and the pacific holds depth, her light will matter, every ember of her will be preserved deep in dusks.

    Scintillating stars showered yesterday but the place it hold in the sky will have the void, the eyes that ferret the constellation will not hold its existence without it just the time will tumble into tears waiting for the star wo dazzle again till the Himalayas have Everest not melted down till the moon mends its phases.

    Believe me springs blossom in its smiling light, the night jasmine smells sweetly in its reflections, an abandoned house owns its illuminiscence, while an owl craves for its glimpse to feel the life in its wings, whatever the Universe will say but you matter everthing to a dark existence.



    Thank you for existing your existence matters ��

    @fromwitchpen �� @namastayaway ❤️

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    You matter most

    I wish the fireflies adorning
    paths of parched petals of peace
    and let breeze of blessings breath
    in the core of brazier again under the
    same star scintillating as if its matter of
    the cosmic cradles of light