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    The painting "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper is something that i really admire. It potrays the 20th century America amidst the WWII as it showcases the misery that the civilians go through due to war crisis
    It also depicts, in the words of the artist "the loneliness of a big city". It holds true in the modern age for most of us. Even though we are not going through wartime crisis but in a way, we are still isolated from the people around us, varying reasons of which can be found at everyone. The way a painting is highlighting such serious elements, is commendable. I am sorry for not being able to insert the photo of the painting, so kindly take the help of Google :)

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    The Nighthawks

    4 figures, the nighthawks, in the scene,
    The tableau swathed in the dead of night,
    The only illumination being the fluorescent lights from the ceiling,
    The figures pique our curiosity,
    with their mystical identities and relationships,
    With bodies in vicinity, yet cognitively
    miles apart in their own worlds.

    A bizarre silence and eerie stoicism
    taken over the sequestered city,
    The illumination being dainty against
    the blackout, ascribable to war cries and misery
    It all feels so bleak and black, gloomy and grave,
    dismal and disconnected.
    It is in the yellow fluorescence, that we have grounds of hope for affinity.