• shreyah 6w

    Meditation fails to dress
    warped peace in homes
    where morning quarrels
    break sleep and dull day
    steals the worth of night.

    More often than not, I
    have seen homes inflate
    into a battlefield where
    contrasting perceptions
    rain like hand grenades
    particularly because we
    assign genders to chores
    that further the disparity
    between kitchens and
    drawing rooms, paving
    way for windows to carry
    forward the obdurate legacy.

    Albeit, love does bloom in
    ventilations on fine days but
    I have seen rage climb up as
    fire in hearts and rush down
    as tears on cheeks, on days—
    vulnerable, dry and intense.

    ©shreyah || 25-10-21



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    Not all battles are fought
    with cannons and calamities.
    Some are fought with split,
    spat and silent casualties.