• pirateking 186w

    And as soon as those eyes filled me with the mood of melancholy, and just before I got drowned into them, I saw something else, fortunately, a few feet away. More attractive. More powerful. Like God. Like he who makes his presence felt by just being present. Like he who doesn't command any attention but wins all of them. A Child. And as you guessed, the child's eyes. Blissful. The eyes resembling the love of my life.

    Like my eyes which got entrapped by the blue ones, the eyes of the child were enchanted by something else. Something more kind. Something more warm. Something more beautiful. Not human but more humane. A dog. And it was a  reminiscent of what existed in me and what was in the child. 

    Those imperceptible child's eyes astonished by gazing into the dog, heedless of the noise in the surroundings and the merriment around his existence. Those startling eyes captivated by life, unbeknownst of hope; living every moment and barely thoughtful of anything else and therefore, noticed.