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    Well this post is all about the positive and negative aspects of looking at anything.
    I have tried to portray two opposite aspects of shadows by describing its shade (here,with regard to how light or dark the thing is)

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    Here goes the first aspect...

    Whenever, we think about a shadow, the first thing that comes to our mind is - black.
    But scientists denied this. Actually, shadows have a dark shade, mostly blue.
    Blue symbolises calmness, serenity, loyalty and focus...
    Now how far these characteristics of the colour blue are satisfied when it comes to shadows.

    CALMNESS - Shadows are calm. They are free from agitation or strong emotion and from all kinds of disturbances or violent activities. Hence, shadows satisfy the quality of calmness of blue colour very well.
    SERENITY - Shadows are serene. They are peaceful, and untroubled. They are tranquil. Therefore, they justify the character of serenity too.
    LOYALTY - Shadows are loyal. According to me , they are the most loyal amidst all the things present out there in our surroundings. They never leave us. No matter what, either the situation is good or bad, they are always there to accompany us. This proves that the quality of loyalty of the blue colour is again justified by the shadows.
    FOCUS - Shadows are focused. They always focus on the source from where they are getting the light , whether just a single hole for a ray of light or the sun for the sunlight. In any case they just assure their existence. They always focus on the things they are getting rather than focusing on the other aspects. Thereafter, this shows that the characteristic of being focused is present in the shadows.

    Now comes the second aspect...

    Unlike a shadow,
    You are not still hollow
    You are not doomed to escape challenges but to swallow
    You are not born to either copy someone or follow

    Remember! You are not meant to be a shadow

    Unlike a shadow,
    You are meant to shine and glow
    You are meant to rise high, and not just go with the flow
    You are like a rainbow, a vibrant fellow

    So remember! You are not meant to be a shadow



    P.S. - If you notice then the first part (which is a prose) symbolises the positive aspects of being a shadow. While on the other hand, the second part (which is a poem) deals with the negative aspects of the shadow, hence there you're asked not to be a shadow.
    This simply shows that it depends upon us that how we look at things. Everything has two aspects - positive and negative, it totally depends on us if we want to learn something good from it or bad.

    P.P.S. - I tried my best to portray my thoughts in the best manner I could. But it turned out to be like this. I wrote the first half in the form of prose and the next half in the form of poetry 'cause I wanted to try something different. (Well I'm neither good at prose nor at poetry��) Hopefully I didn't ruin it by mixing the prose and poetry...
    Your reviews and suggestions are most welcomed��

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