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    It's too late for a New Year Post. But maybe this is the last one, for a while...again. See y'all soon! Do read it, even if it's a bit long ...Some of you might have already read it ;)


    ~Life Goes On: Intro~

    The notebook titled 2020 was loose by now; with the threaded spine ready to give up and the tawny pages ready to flutter out of this seemingly auricomus cage of a lifeless life, nonetheless my obstinate disposition took the lead and my hands shuffled 'round and reached to what looked like a needle with an acicular point.

    Threaded it was again; the spine reached a state of being virtually perfect, but as it is proposed that perfections don't deserve to last longer than the guttering candles at night– my eyes gazed gratifyingly at this chain of words which I had facetiously forgotten, or perchance pretended to have slipped from my amnesiac encephalon. The words were waggish and did not have any feasible effect of significance at that particular time which was dripping with caramel like jollity, but as time is the teacher; this upshot was quite unforeseen.

    "We are all entrapped in a maze, and it's absolutely fine; it ain't a compulsion anymore to find the purpose of your presence in here–for all that matters is if you have been a kind acquaintance to all those lost travellers who were with you and if you have succeeded in in refilling their empty ink bottles with an elixir worthy of making them stay inclined towards their true potential, instead of being like dry dehydrated leaves......"


    ~Life Goes On: Interlude~

    I remember these words were written at about midnight of 2019 by a parnassian person like me, but when I read them again in an altogether new era (2020 was equivalent to an era, a mysterious and dark one), it was somewhat arduous for my heart as all the arteries were being stretched to a point of uncomfortable tension. The feelings were not quite nostalgic as the vintage fragrance of an old diary is, still it would be sensible to assume that they had pressed my weak nerve, unintentionally.

    A new year. A novel beginning as it is supposed to be for all breathing earthlings, 2020 is definitely not one in the history of Homo Sapiens. While Tyche certainly did not consider blessings to be offered, her capricious nature was hidden instead, deep down or perhaps swallowed by the Earth itself. With many a graves embellished, with many a men canvassing their existence, with a blackhole descending on this orb and guzzling even the slightest chance of joy–this year had showered droplets of contusions and confusion.

    I further read the sentence, as incompleteness in any work always vexed me. It was unreasonable of me to hold on to one group of compatible words as some people would say that this is the first symptom of a logophile, but since I am a human being with a myogenic heart, which is diplomatic always, I chose to not let go off my grip from that tatterdemalion page.


    ~Life Goes On: Outro~

    "..... Labyrinths are dutiful in displaying intricacy. At evey curve, at evey turn you are bound to find rather another twist anticipating you. All this luminosity that you had so carefully rekindled till this adverse peak might dissipate. Let it be. You can't stop every flame from getting blown out. Light it 'gain. Just as the lisle holds the florets of the anadem close by, hold on to yourself. Spare yourself some love. Drape an eiderdown o'er the stranger next to you; he might be beholden. O Human, who hath been probing this journey's end and just filling thy soul with trepidation;
    the intent is not to wander aimlessly and fear getting lost– but to find the critical faculty to distinguish the right road of the fork from the left. Shadows do betray. Be prepared for the dark storms instead of rejoicing in the bright valleys".

    It was fated. It was darksome. We might despise it– but it is our past. All happenings have been carved and cannot be wiped out. All these scars glow too; they steer us towards precautions–only if we were liberal and forebearing to see them! And this is pretty much how everything is balanced and Life Goes On...


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