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    We're all stories, in the end.
    -Steven Moffat

    #Bygone #wod

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    more often,
    I want to live as a lovestory of 90s
    where there is no smartphone
    neither blocking unblocking nor video calls
    where there love breathes
    with the innocence in two hearts
    and shyness in four eyes.

    where the photographs of each other
    are hidden from the eyes of
    cousins and family members
    but the pillow cover conceals the secrets
    and the happiness inhales
    the afterglow of love
    while kissing the photo behind closed doors
    at least hundred times in a day.

    holding each other's hands
    and feeling the warmth of their heart
    behind the college building,
    near the English department
    while hiding from the evil eyes
    of the psychology professor,
    they write their names on the faded walls
    while chewing the Shakespearean love sonnets
    and blooming on the Austen's Pride and prejudice.

    where the love letters from each other
    can increase their heartbeats
    from seventy to one hundred seventy per minute
    and the starry night waits with night jasmines to read the essence of love under the study lamps ;
    the letter ends up with a heart
    coloured with a red sketch
    and an arrow from left bottom to right top
    while the girl's name flickers there
    and boy's name exhales comfort.

    the oily hair of that girl
    with a ponytail and tied up with a red ribbon,
    a white salwar suit while going to temple ;
    a light yellow shirt with a khaki pant
    and a golden coloured watch
    given by his father on his left hand ;
    are more than enough to compliment each other
    and push them towards each other's dreamy chamber.

    but less often, I want to be a poet
    and to write them on my horizons
    holding a palette full of youthful metaphors
    to cherish them and their lovestory forever.