• helpshark 85w

    Nursery Whine...

    It's all gone wrong
    And I can't sleep
    Now that little boy blue
    Ran away with bo peep...

    And those three blind mice
    Are quite endearing
    They're off the rails
    With telescopic hearing

    And old humpty dumpy
    Is in a war of attrition
    With the powers that be
    Over planning permission

    Jack and Jill went up the hill
    And were never seen again
    They didn't write a suicide note
    Because they didn't have a pen

    The cow jumped the moon
    And is now in traction
    With a hatred for cheese
    And an allergic reaction...

    The Spiders can have the house
    Said an anxious Miss Muffet
    My arachnophobia is playing up
    And she left for the coast and said f**k it...