• heartsease 42w

    Once when I was young,
    I grew sunflowers on my neck
    and dragged sunset above my
    collar bones, to levitate peace
    in my orchard where chaos laid
    barefoot on white pebbles and
    black stones.

    I saw more light raising in bottle
    of wine and howls etched upon
    grass blades, I've succumbed
    thousands of screams in my head
    but silence walked out of my
    throat each time truth negotiated.

    When I was young,
    I labelled heartbreaks as poetries
    and scars as belligerent hope,
    but as creases endowed my skin
    I felt life is more about survival
    and existence, like blooming
    dahlias, which cry and shout yet
    smile till in fences it is choked.


    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️

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    Once, when I was young
    I sailed shores of unnamed cities,
    to reach beyond sunsets and
    ride waves of tranquility.