• neha_020 17w

    ~Suspicious Lost��~

    Did I found myself,
    In the silent steps of nights?
    Embracing the moon
    Cursed by the cloudy fights....

    Was I hiding myself,
    In the plain earthy soils?
    Searching for the tint of fragrance
    Buried along the deadly miles...

    Will I hear myself again,
    In the echoes of lullaby calls?
    Arranging the laughter of rythymic flow
    Vanished in the smoky downfalls....

    Can I wake up again,
    Along the rainbow bands above?
    Catching the fairies in smiles
    Hidden under the nightmares unsolved...

    Am I?....yeah I am lost..!
    Just like the dark moon in the nights,
    Same as the deadly flowers digged,
    Like the silent notes of lyric dies
    And as the smiles in the nightmare lied...!



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    //I'm alive as a little flower,
    and lost as a twinkling star...
    The petals turned are mysterious,
    A second ago smiling,
    With a step ahead rotten...//