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    Nowadays everyone has lost the charm in their life. It has become all about the rat race, promotions, presentations and all. Deadlines thrills your nerves. Somewhere while buying happiness, we forgot to enjoy our earnings too. �� Here's an insight to the daily struggle in search of happiness!

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    The Alarm Goes Off...

    I slept just now,
    The Dreams in my eyes were raw.
    The fairy casted a spell
    into the land of enchantness to dwell.

    I remembered the ticking clock when I slept.
    Reminding me it's too late to go to bed.
    But the girdlines of the spreadsheet was in front of me.
    Kept my lids light with the help of coffee.

    Slowly, the caffeine lost its charm
    And next what I heard was my alarm.
    Ah! the story is not new
    Screaming, it's time, get into your shoes.

    Dragging myself out of my house
    Admist all the chaos of the town
    Listening to creative ideas everyday
    My own creative life has lost it's way.

    There's no free meal it's said,
    Happy are even the men dead.
    Setting the alarm on repeat,
    Again lost myself in the world of spreadsheets.