• maleficent_ 29w

    How long has it been
    since I last died ,
    disintegrating on your car's hood -
    Heat passing through the metal ,
    enough to melt my bones
    while you blew smoke rings
    through the window .
    I inhaled them , because
    that's what I've been doing
    since the day you pressed
    your palms against my neck ,
    inhaling a dying smoker's exhale-
    and walking in circles around your
    apartment .

    I fall face first in the swamp that's
    your , promise of existence ,
    and even now , you lie ,
    you've been dead for so long ,
    and yet you wake me up at 2 in the
    morning to make senseless love .
    Lying bastard .

    Do any of the songs make sense
    to you ?
    To me , they're futile attempts
    to create one's own
    fantasy of a better world ,
    which , for us would be one with
    cheap whiskey and maybe
    cheaper guns .
    Today , your car smells
    of sex , mindless sex ,
    and it's not the perfume
    I wear-
    it smells of strawberries and musk
    and I , I smell of
    death , Cigarettes and gunpowder .
    Let me peel off your skin ,
    and I'll show you how your muscles
    are coated with Polonium , infiltrating
    my mouth when we kiss .
    One way or other ,
    We end .
    and this time ,
    I won't wake up
    to write a poem about it .

    - R

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    I smell of death , cigarettes and gunpowder