• mirakeeworldwidewriter 60w

    I'm so confused as to how i feel
    The pain I conceal is almost unreal
    I love you so much; care for you so
    But it's hard for me to choose which way to go

    I know you love me-
    Of that there's no doubt.
    I just can't find a way to claw my way out
    Of this hole that I dug deep down in my soul
    You're the only thing that makes me whole.

    And I know it hurts to hear this news
    The fact that I'm scared to be in love with you
    Afraid you may hurt me-
    Take me for granted
    And break this heart
    That to you I handed.

    I love your smile,
    Your sensitive eyes,
    The way you holdme
    When I cry...

    But I hate the way you've hurt me
    And made me feel low...
    So to your invitation
    My answer is 'no.'

    confused emotions run through my mind,
    because my heart is blinded by lies
    my body is weak like a kid fighting cancer
    im striving to live.

    But i cant because you are my cure
    without you runnging through my veins whats the point of living
    without your kiss killing me

    I cant live
    your killing me with every dose of you,
    i cant take it anymore i have to tell someone my urges for you.

    But i cant i need you and its crazy i cant wait til we meet again
    you think this is scary, but im only normal years imagine how much ill love you when i turn old?

    Lost within the world
    Everyone asks for help
    When you got problems for yourself.

    It doesn’t go well
    Starting to crack….

    Think that your about to trip and fall…

    Well stay strong because…

    Life, it’s not so long
    So live it out to the fullest and….

    Let no one see you frown Because…..

    If you don’t move on….
    Life will without you.


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