• wine_mirrors 44w


    Don't just leave. Here,
    Take these memories
    With you when you go.
    Oh, and I tried to gather
    All the silences I could find, that
    Were lying across our rooms-
    My. My rooms, oh.
    And look, some of them had
    The hidden yet harsh violet
    Of deliberately forgotten bruises.
    Some of them had a gentle blush
    Surrounded by teethmarks
    I know that they would come back,
    That the vapours of noise would
    Condense one day and heavily
    Rain silences, I just can't
    Comprehend why you
    Want to leave,
    Don't you enjoy hurting me anymore?
    Is my pain not enough for you anymore
    I'll hurt more for you, I promise
    I'd rather be in pain with you than
    Not knowing how I'll be without you
    Please dont leave me
    Dont leave me
    Don't just leave,
    Take these memories
    With you when you go.