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    It occurred to me that the awesomely amazing souls at @writersbay are deserving of a dedication piece too, so this one's for them! Please pardon the simplicity of it, as it's not intended as a challenge submission, it's merely meant to thank and acknowledge them for all that they do for us each day. ♥️

    Dear wondrous challenge weavers at Writers Bay, your #weekendc challenge has fostered and spread so much love and joie de vivre throughout the forum this weekend (special thanks to @antarraal for my dedication piece ♥️), that I couldn't let the moment pass without offering you a few well deserved words of appreciation!
    Thank you for continually motivating, inspiring, and encouraging us through your innovative, creative, wonderful challenges! So many members here look forward to them, as they eagerly await the new challenge post each day!
    We also appreciate your considerable efforts to read and comment on the submissions, which in turn inspires members to keep writing and participating.
    Your commendable contributions here are much needed and much appreciated. We hope you'll continue to grace us with your auspicious presence, and stoke our literary fires for a long time to come!
    Huge, heartfelt thanks for doing all that you do!

    P.S. Still on break, missing everybody, and doing my best to get back here soon. ♥️

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