• angeljohn 10w

    Why, How, When and What?

    Why aren't mortal creations
    living and acknowledging other's life?
    They seem to have, no blood
    with their entire emotions; dead.

    How is the authentic judge- History's
    moral acts denied and made totally voiceless?
    Presently active Court- phase's
    pronunciations are ignored and
    all the cruel cases are being set-aside.

    When was the destiny erased
    and turned into a blackened fantasy?
    The script writer, God's
    manuscripts are pilled up and burnt
    with the oil of greed and fire of ego.

    What is the theme of all the heart's
    genuine drama, that's; to be presented soon?
    For the artists exhibiting, their expressions
    in the worldly drama are by self,
    unbearably cruel and deadly.
    Also the clock-count and the spot
    of their surprise presentation is
    not yet announced by the divine Director.

    Ever, will the mortal creations
    learn their lesson?
    Ever, shall the history attain it's award,
    for the provisions of experiences, it delivered?
    Ever, would reality have its freedom,
    from, the comical and the fantasy filled globe?
    Ever, could the character true,
    return to wash away the sand of devilish-sire?

    Why? How? When? What?
    Each actions and reactions,
    give the breath a new query
    and the answers, for the same investigations
    are no reply, but are questions; yet deeper.
    Thus, they are accepted as the final-answers.
    Cause, it provides no further options to choose,
    only to secure our lives, that we are about to loose.