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    Cranium put the hard disk under the shower for
    the soulful bath in the dawn to enjoy the coffee
    with my soulmate in the Golden flashes with the rise
    of morning aura but the bleeding of anonymous
    heart portrayed the caligo of little heart and made
    conversation with heart and mind but my ear holes

    heard whispers of the broken angel where she was
    typing oxymoron upon crumpled diary of her
    old version and poked my vein to capture the rain
    of emotions by the feathery quill not keeping sad
    and deep status as our generation prefers

    // I'm the heartbreak of broken angel who get
    abandoned for the unknown sin bound with
    the unseen scratch and named bad omen with
    the coronation #A shadow to the happiness
    who once was drenched with the blue inks

    but my pain adorned the inks & named it poetry
    and I owe it as I am the owner of my poetry.
    Voyage belongs to me & needs no doctrine
    in the valley of meditation where the tomb is mine
    where I'm free from the orthodox of sapiens.

    where my emotions will no more be judged
    and will never be named as fake tear
    where I'll breath to live my life not for other's need
    where my scribbles will kiss me.

    Poem ; Mate of my insomnia....


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