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    The window that never got fixed

    I've thought about reaching your doorstep
    And ringing your bell, and if you don't open
    I'll make a way to get in from the broken window
    Which your mother told you to get fixed.
    But you didn't, you said the cash didn't allow you to do so,
    So now you're stuck with this thought
    That maybe someday, I'll break in.
    You stay awake at nights,
    You stayed awake before too
    But you didn't have a purpose
    So whenever someone asked you about the dark circles
    You'd say, "I don't know, maybe I should get enough sleep."
    And then came many suggestions
    For fighting insomnia.
    Little did they know, it wasn't you fighting insomnia
    It was you fighting numbness.
    But now, you had a purpose.
    If somebody asks you now, you'd say, "Anybody can break in through the window."
    A perfect excuse.
    A perfect purpose.
    To stay awake.

    I've watched your steps,
    Like a predator carefully observing its prey
    Before it springs onto the prey.
    You don't really have a life, you're like me.
    You go to the same places.
    You drink the same drinks everyday.
    You smell of Hennessy most of the times.
    Your lipstick is smeared when you return.
    And I see a part of you fading away
    Everytime you come back home.
    When it's late, I can see you sitting on the doorstep.
    You stare into my direction,
    Then you look at the sky, and you go in.
    I come out from hiding, and see your bedroom light on. It stays on, I see your shadow as you stand behind the curtains. Sit, stand, sit, stand.

    Yesterday, you got your window fixed.
    And you stared at the tree from where I used to observe you.
    Hiding in the shadows, I felt like it was a message you gave me
    Not to come near you again.
    And how by fixing the window,
    You wanted to sleep again, and not feel cautious of me anymore.

    You closed your window right away when it was fixed.

    That night, I was disheartened.
    You asked me to leave,
    Without even asking me.
    I went around your house, to take one last glance.
    And I saw, the window
    Was this an invitation?
    I didn't know. But I was ready to intrude,
    I broke in.
    I went inside.

    I went inside
    Only to see your pale body on the ground
    Your blood flowing from your wrist.

    It was official now,
    you had already died inside.
    Now you did for everyone.
    Even for me.