• sahnah 14w

    Don't call me a poet if my
    words do not soothe your
    pain. I'm ready to burn all
    my cold verses and abandon
    the quill if my poetries are all
    withered and cannot heal anymore.

    Don't call me a poet if my
    poem doesn't rhyme like
    before. I mostly feel empty
    and imperfect like a forgotten
    sonnet and some immured

    Don't call me a poet if my
    poem is incomplete without
    emotions. I sometimes forget
    to add some pretty syllables and
    some deep sighs to adorn my poesy more.

    //I'm no longer a poet, I'm merely a
    writer of broken words//

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    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the kind repost ����

    Finally my first POD is here after four years. I'm really grateful for giving me this honor. ���� Thank you so so much @miraquill ����

    Thank you so much my dear ones for your every wish��❤️ and to be with me in my happiness. I apologize sincerely because it's really difficult for me to take out time to reply each one. I'm grateful to you all������

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    If my poem doesn't rhyme/my words are all withered.