• mirakeewrites_ 63w

    A handwritten note,
    holding hands , a sweet little quote.
    a kiss on forehead rather than lips,
    not coffe but tea who sips.
    A gentle breeze,
    the smile that makes me freeze.
    Hair dancing along,
    to the rhythm of wind's song.
    Me trying to stop then behind your ear,
    but they dance just like you without any fear.
    Sleeping in your embrace,
    looking at your shy pretty face.
    with my head in your lap, reading a book,
    after a few pages pausing to take a look.
    those eyes which are drowned deep into mine,
    your eyes like a great painters's art so deep and fine.
    Instead of long drives long walks by the road,
    talking for long hours when we feel bored.
    Instead of long texts, a short note in your own writing,
    Cute little banters instead of serious fighting.

    Those little things are what I call love.

    (PS -I suppose am too old fashioned for the kind of love I see now-a-days .)


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    A little jealousy, a bit of tantrums,
    a pinch of being possesive, a brush of care,
    Tons of respect and gallons of faith.
    some strokes of love , little shades of fear.

    THAT'S LOVE!!!

    (According to me
    Most important
    pillars of love
    are Faith and respect)