• shrry_hurry 203w

    How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling.
    -Claude Debussy

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    Witness me stripping my thoughts like everybody who try to advance on anything, if this isn't over yet. I gotta take it like a man naked!

    Spleen of thoughts.., Ooh I'm already naked right now, I can't expect myself to pull a lil stunt on this whatsoever, that must be awkward when I forward myself backward!
    That right, feels like I'm not so crazy as I thought. Well it's only that against all these life-ly odds, I'm the fuck still-out-so-odd.

    On n over normalcy, living this life doing smthng mean to it is a scream for thoughts all the way around, I pretty much hope that everybody get their own theme music to blow this noises apart. I've got mine as well. The minutes of silence that my mind always yells about which I'l record on the boom speakers n play it again n again till it makes some sense, that's pretty loud. Well.. I feel a passionate lust for this feeling when I imagine cuz I'm comparing to none, my mind's freaking that I'm struggling to keep all in n interrupt when I'm speaking n sometimes have trouble when breathing, even tougher when I'm sleeping.
    Uh oh! So.. I gotta end all this wordplay with nothing but fuck-ING.

    The brains broken, feelings closed, weirdness is open.
    Everytime I wake up is like a goodnight-reality;
    Nothings way too much to shift a dream, just gotta give it a moment n carry on with this routine misery like a goddamn dream.

    Drizzly is all I can sense. Intelligence has been washed with no amends. Drinking n smoking n snorting n all 'em INGs every time as I cheer as if some accomplishments. Heh' Faded long ago with PROs n talents. I'm just floating in n out of my CONscious. Got the bomb treasure innately but couldn't open up my vault, now leme cheer for too much pressure. Thoughts feeling me measure? Huh guess the time's giving dang myself some lecture.

    Nodding my head to acknowledge me like a spider sense to talking n listening, I realize fuckery is catching up on the air as I breath, finally wieveing it to fight for the web of my own custody.
    Sometimes I float in the air wrapped in a sheet, intercepting the wind itself, so that I can lead or be led. I might go somewhere but never meant to be.

    So with no experiments left, I stumbled upon this resolution of being numb, by using a special fusion of chemical solution called confusion.
    I often get socked and pushed into this chem every minute so when I win it I never resent it.
    Huh, guess it's time.
    Too much of this nakedness lately.
    But I don't panic or plan to give up.
    Stripping done, witness this man up!