• rhapsodist 46w

    " lab-e-saahil samundar ki faraavaani se marr jaun,
    Mujhe vo pyaas hai ki shayad paani se marjaaun"

    The desire to taste death on my lips, as if someone caresses my lips with their fingers tracing the lines of my chapped skin, anatomizing my sins and kissing my bleeding lies but I felt death was never enough for me.

    " main itna sakht-jaan hun dam badi mushkil se niklega,
    Zara taklif badh jaaye toh asaani se marr jaun"

    The weight on my chest always felt light when I looked at the sky for the opportunities waiting for me. I felt optimism is all about fairy world, to believe in unicorns and surround yourself with pinks but I preffered burning my fist on the fire of facts, burning my fist to save the photographs(fact) from the fire of lusty wonderland. But sky, sky has no limit and it speaks, speaks in the form of clouds. The figures that formed on clouds or figures we wanted to assume in it were our imagination or a message? To break the code keep tracing the clouds, Everyone has a life some learn to fly, some find their own world in a confined place, some learn how to live alone but some-

    //ghanimat hai parinde meri tanhai samjhte hain,
    Agar ye bhi na ho toh ghar ki virani se marr jaun ~ Mehshar Afridi//

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    // You can be thirsty for death but death can never quench your thirst.//