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    “when someone dies, you can mourn. it’s so much harder when someone just disappears, never to return back.” aahana said.

    "is it really so easy mia?" she looked at me through the dim light of street. "you know, to forget someone."

    aahana always questioned things that i myself was struggling to find answers of. it seemed as if she knew what was going inside my head. and she wanted me to let it all out. on the surface.

    "like one time you're together, as if it's all you have and then out of nowhere they just vanish, without any word or text." she said looking at the flickering street light.

    when two people cross path and stumble into each other; they connect and make memories in few. both of them hope of something long. but as time unfolds and days overlap into new it's not necessary that they both take the same road till the very end. roads diverge into millions and so does their fate. and destiny. and they.

    strangers click like home sometimes. but you cannot hold them for always. they come in for a reason. and when they leave; that reason, its smell stays forever till the last.

    life doesn't stop. it keeps moving.

    "say something?" aahana said looking sideway at me.

    "it's not" i said.

    "it's not easy to forget someone, you just learn; learn to love them, you know, in letting go."



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    letting go;