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    Thank you so much @writersnetwork and @mirakee for the kind repost. ����

    i was trying to create the
    origami of my smile
    from the wings of Caladrius
    flying towards crestfallen hearts
    teleporting the universe
    to the seventh heaven

    bearing the heart spasms
    from dusk to dawn
    after shifting unknown emotions
    meeting me at the intersection
    deep into my cavern

    and your were writing elegies to life
    keeping them in sheath of poetries
    narrating your story as the
    Bad orphan bird condemned
    to live in darkness beneath water

    your words pricked my night's sleep
    so i rushed to the magical island
    of Buyan gathering the
    enchanting melodies of Alkonost

    and singing them to you
    scribbling the song of rebirth

    you caressed my speckled feathers
    turning them all golden
    naming me Garuda, the king of birds

    together we painted the Halcyon
    calming the mayhem of our lives
    with dazzling strokes of red

    one night, i read about Boobries
    i told you about their art of imitation
    how they mimic the cries of injured
    for their act of hunting

    you asked me if i knew about Stymphalian
    and i didn't nod my head

    you grabbed me by neck
    and reduced me to vestiges
    screaming out loud
    "I'm one of them"

    now i sit in a void
    with closed eyes
    hiding away from the sky

    trying to draw the wings
    of Phoenix

    looking for myself

    Ps : Name of ancient birds - Caladrius, Alkonost, Bad Orphan Bird, Garuda, Halcyon, Boobrie, Stymphalian

    Phoenix is the bird said to have rising from the ashes

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    Before we met,
    I was trying to create my smile from the wings of Caladrius,
    now I'm trying to find myself, drawing the wings of Phoenix.