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    A slightly dystopic fictional piece with a semi-positive ending.

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    by Carolyn Glackin
    'Twas in the ebbing twilight
    Of my sordid woeful years
    When I reached out past the folly
    Of my neverending tears
    My mind, a cluttered wasteland
    Wherein, my train of thought derailed
    My resolve was lying dormant
    Like a ship that never sailed
    Maligned by outside forces
    Whose names I never knew
    Their spurious conjecture
    'Twas a thing I did eschew
    And woe betide the bedrock
    On which this town was built
    'Tis now reduced to rubble
    A harbinger of guilt
    A future deigned uncertain
    A past that's blocked by pills
    The present moment squandered
    By seekers of cheap thrills
    Yet we must resolve this madness
    Let's not forego it one more season
    The results could be quite dreadful
    I bespeak the truth of reason
    Oh the lexicon of youth
    Shall lead us all astray
    Straight down the rabbit's hole
    Where poor Alice went to play
    Enticed by new surroundings
    Blinded by distractions
    Yet soon we understand
    Neither bring us satisfaction
    And to undo what we have done
    Will require a change in thinking
    I pray it happens soon
    For the ship's already sinking
    Although my armaments are words
    And oft verbose are my munitions
    I'll not wage a verbal war
    At the risk of my perdition
    Yet all the while my faith is strong
    Ever present through the years
    Ergo, with hope and love and trust
    One day we'll rise above our tears.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 4/27/2020