• a_messy_perfection_ 10w

    There's this little secret added to my diary
    The secret feeling of a single moment, those 3 minutes 46 seconds
    Where peace got a new definition
    Where home was shelled in a new address
    The moment where eyes were closed but the heart was receiving
    A home that was caring, a moment no longer deceiving
    This little secret started on his shoulder and ended in my heart
    Tranquil the tap when his cheek rested on my hair
    Smothered in the scent of magic this secret was born
    Like folklore known to many but felt by just one
    I'll treasure the moment that held time still
    As dreamy as unicorns, as true as a nightingale
    A moment tenderly crafted by childish love
    One moment built with care and a lots of trust...