• neha_020 24w

    04.08.2021 ❤️

    Idk if this makes sense...��❤️
    #patheticfallacy #wod #pod

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    ~Endless journey with
    a dark rythymic tone~

    //A way to the compressed soul//

    Treasuring myself
    In an aesthetic garden
    Sailing as a peaceful clouds
    To inhabit in the lonely sky
    "But the broken earthquake cracks
    Bursting my way to the compressed soul..."

    //Cut the bleed of upper me//

    Winning ourselves
    Waking up as barks are beauty
    Inbred with patched on my face
    "Torned me up with the stars
    Falling from the iris
    With why trees grow with barks?"

    //Quitting as destroying myself//

    Facing the dark skies
    And pouring it as a downfall
    Emitting the essence of love in coloured bow
    "But the uneven cloudburst of thunders
    Just make my heart over flooded.."

    //Ending myself to rewrite again//

    I choked myself high
    To lit sunshine on my scars
    Towards the dawn
    "I was a depressed sunset
    Drowned in the horizon of
    Deep hushed ocean..."

    //I'm totally submerged in the roars of storms, silence of the nightmares, hidden in the depth of Ocean waves and raining in the tears of rainbows....
    Now just tie me in the knots of poles connecting the earth//