• annieveroni 11w

    To do:

    Clean the fridge, (the pitcher's leaked),
    The bathroom mirror is moisture streaked,
    The laundry has all piled up,
    The sink is full of unwashed cups,
    Sweep and mop the furry floors,
    Oil the squeaky, creaky doors,
    Chop the onion for the stew,
    Also, I've got tea to brew,
    Get the kids from school at three,
    Fry the onions, melt the cheese,
    Shovel dinner in my mouth,
    Search for socks inside the couch,
    Soccer practice starts at six,
    Watch the children practice kicks,
    Get the kids all home by eight,
    Wash up all the dinner plates,
    Put the wee ones into bed,
    Kiss each one upon the head,
    Finally, there's time for me,
    But likely, I'll just fall asleep.