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    Although we met through a wrong person but you turned out to be a gem. Love you loads. Thank you for everything. A very happy birthday to you love <3

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    The cardigan of poetry

    In the begrimed day-deplore
    I quested for an unco, whose
    tresses tinted of vibgyor and
    orbs so profound hard to pore
    over her aurora coruscating
    with quietude and camouflaged
    by putting the kibosh on comely

    I cudgeled my brain about her


    she contrived a celestial-case
    from gravels and cobblestones
    manoeuvring the combers quixotic
    enough of twilight and star-crust
    she pulverized with alienated
    allegories and obfusc oxymorons
    in Kafkaesque mortar and pestle
    to weave as poems

    Her taciturn eidolon and the
    hex she disgorged over the
    silhouettes of myriad colors
    prepossessed me and I visited
    a citadel

    where austerity was treasured
    where grampuses were couthy to typhoons
    where Davy Jones' Lockers were zabutons for Kings and Queens
    where love never faded even in the fire of odium
    where traumatic trains'tootled 90's Ghazals
    where fronds cavorted in autumnal equinox
    where poets weren't judged as depressed souls

    descried attenuation
    of deceit in dulcet
    forbearing the acerbity
    inviting fondness in
    impenetrable doorway
    of tenebrism

    _ she is the cardigan of poetry,
    her dolorous thoughts are abutting the
    clouds of callowness.