• whizzdiva 28w

    Dear Bestfriend

    You're stupid, you're weird, you're Crazy, you're not perfect, but that's okay. I'm like that too....
    You've made my life happier and a lot easier..
    We laugh at the random things..
    I just love teasing you... Cause this is another level of happiness..
    You know my ugliest side and I know yours..you can't denied that..
    When I'm sad, you were always there to make sure I'm okay..
    A conversation with you works as the best healing power for me...
    You're my greatest treasure..
    The bond we are sharing is a bond of pure love and affection..
    This rollercoaster ride with you is always fun and this made our bond even stronger..
    It's been long years and we still stand strong and we always will..

    By Nikshita Mahakud