• chidera 75w

    I have always been wild
    I was never seen gentle or meek
    I wrestled with boys and punches
    I ran away from rules and more rules.

    I haven’t always been like this
    I was never walking like a boy
    I took this cover for protection
    I ran away from pain and more pain.

    I do not know how to be un-wild
    I was never clawing at my throat
    I starve and punish to find release
    I keep running from light and more light.

    I wish to be normal. I wish to be sane.
    I was never counting days to sleep
    I haven’t stopped bleeding and hurting
    I have been dying ever since I escaped death.

    I do not know who I am anymore
    I breathe but I do not know why
    I am good at only running
    I am afraid of being with myself.