• heartsease 39w

    A city with s(h)or(e)row-lines

    I'm reeking of rotten fuchsias
    and sweaty armpits from the
    time sun has been breathing
    within the chest of somnolent
    shores almost everyday,
    I'm shredding ungerminated
    seeds one after another apart
    from my will when clouds wail
    along with me at bay.

    My past is a woman festooned
    with beautiful scars, following
    me when towns exhale murk in
    air and I overpower her with a
    sluggish smile as my weapon.
    She took birth in the aftermath
    of war as a treaty of defeat, &
    swords do recite tales of her
    which the world has abandon-
    ed to believe.

    This city is dawning darkness
    upon me under the courtesy of
    belligerent sun and I'm crushing
    betwixt the demure of my own
    delirious shorelines,
    but I'm trying to run towards
    Archimedes asking how to put
    off the weight of this buoyant
    forces, hoping he will lend me
    a hand out of welkin.


    @mellow_wings you're the reason behind my happiness, you know right?

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️

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    Delirious demure