• kairos_ 13w

    Ahem ahem
    *Clears throat*

    Okay first things first, it's not Mirakee and Miraquill now, that was surprising to see though,
    have seen crazy changes in the past 5 years in the growth, exponential and stunted, in people and the app.
    So what's there in a name.
    (It pricks somewhere about not being able to use a picture, but alright)

    As it's being seen, how writers put in efforts (most of us do) to convey a message, the feedback isn't being given in the same fervour as it should be.
    Criticism as it's been hammered in here by only a handful here, constructive or destructive should be a prime cause to reflect and work upon to only get better.
    Flowery language, adulations and appreciations and pretty emojis all seem hollow, because certainly it doesn't require one ounce of effort.

    This is just a preachy rant,

    To conclude, it's just an experiment of sorts, don't exploit it (or me or Doc) (because time constraints)

    I believe @clichepenname and I are genuine readers, and maybe a genuine feedback may or may not work wonders in getting better but it's a start.
    (Please don't think I'm being high and full of airs, I want to see the place I called my Home, now broken, full of better people and writers)

    So please tag me with my username or @/clichepenname or use the hashtag #honestgranny in the caption.
    Hope others join in reading and writing, and simply encouraging in getting better.


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    Gread of words!

    Use #honestgranny
    Experiment only
    Please tag the newer writers, they require us more.

    I ain't no authority here, though we could just start by being a better community.