• michushams 108w


    She always comes around unexpectedly,
    And makes me do unprecedented things.
    She suddenly freezes my brain and takes control of my mind ,
    Gives me sparkles that direct me to do unthoughtful things ..

    People mistake her to be a caring charmer ,
    But in actual sense she is just a manipulative witch ,
    witch that majestically gets away with everything she does,
    She takes no blame nor guilt for her actions but rather turns tables round to play the victim .

    She always comes in the middle of the night ,
    To fill me with sparks of feeling great about my self ,
    She makes me feel powerful and special , unique compared to any one else .

    She makes me live in a virtual world ,
    Full of unrealistic things and habits .
    Makes me enjoy mean things which normal people do not ,
    She makes me enjoy the pain of others and their suffering .

    She does all sorts of wild things to me ,
    But what to say because she is me .
    I do not have feelings for anything nor anyone ,
    Neither do i remorse about sad happenings nor things i have to take actions for ,
    She makes me release am not good enough to be loved by anyone in order to take control of me .

    She makes me feel sudden boredom in order to take control of my mind ,
    Does not allow me have long term relationships , cause she owns me .
    Never lets me trust any one cause she fills me with lots of insecurities .....