• amsterdam 13w

    Come, sit with me and tell me your #story.

    PS. thank you very much! ��
    @miraquill @writersnetwork for my 7th pod.

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    Hey, stranger
    Can I tell you a secret?
    You can't ask the wind to sit still
    No, you can't,
    Under the pink skies
    Is a blur,
    A sleeping forest within
    A puddle of memories and swollen fears
    Stitched to a plastic ribcage

    A nest of my insecurities
    Cradles my
    5-year-old panic attacks and
    A few suicide attempts
    Veiled with anonymity and a few episodes of
    Mental torture,
    But there's a house built in glass
    Inside me
    That shatters when the clock strikes 12
    Before Cinderella steps inside the pumpkin house
    Wearing a swimsuit
    Two times smaller than her size

    Candies taste the same
    In my mouth
    But I won't argue with you,
    Don't you get tired of telling me
    To take my happy pills and liquid paracetamol?
    You know,
    Even if I write my name backwards in caps lock,
    I still remember your birthday
    And your blue cake
    That tasted like
    Fake lemons and oranges
    When you turned 21, and who would forget your haircut?
    You looked like a cute, bald watermelon
    Wearing a wig that looks
    Like a Japanese broom,
    Outside my window, kids play hide and seek
    With wild spiders,
    The potted hibiscus
    Is bored sitting pretty by the French window
    Waiting for summer rain,
    I smile,
    Looking at the pink skies,
    I sigh,
    I wonder if someone is watching up there
    Peeking behind
    The golden curtains,
    And notice
    I've been waiting for the white light
    To take
    Back home.