• sayitsme 40w

    I live in my dreams, why do you care about reality?

    Close your eyes , you'll find me right
    Dream what I dream is a new reason
    Your life devoid of temptations
    Dear, make yourself a little innocent
    And you'll find your life way too short
    To fit your realities in

    The more you think
    The more you sink
    This ocean has no life for you
    I hope you've got no reasons to reason it out
    As for life itself is smart
    Life is no science but yes literature
    Forgot about science but yes literature

    I live in my dreams
    why do you care about reality?
    Footprints I'll leave will never
    leave this land,
    They'll live the life of stars
    Still if you think it's a thing to worry?
    Then I'll walk my way , dear travaller
    I'm sorry

    Tashi L. Bhutia