• harvest_of_mind 44w

    One-way mirror

    We look into the home-mirror,
    for hours.. decorate ourselves,
    to get the best presentable appearance.
    Then to our surprise.. we learn,
    it's actually a one-way mirror !
    Installed by our prankster sibling..
    who sits on the other side,
    watching in amusement our silly antics !!
    At last, all decked-up, we go out..
    deal and interact with the world,
    trying to present our best part,
    to be liked and admired by all,
    unknowing that God sits on other side..
    of one-way mirror,
    watching quietly our enacted drama !

    And who is the 'prankster sibling'..
    on the other side of home-mirror ?
    Our original image.. The very own soul..
    of which mind is the xerox copy,
    and decorated body.. a poor copy's copy.


    Mind's posterior smeared with shiny Maya..
    making it one-way mirror.
    World-image reflected in it crystal clear..
    making it appear like absolute truth.
    Soul sits on back-side of mirror..
    watching in amusement the enacted drama.