• godfather_sr 64w


    I sit here alone and far from you, wondering if you think of me, if your thought still echo my name, if your finger crave for my skin, if your heart ask you about me. I never knew how to be someone you miss, all I knew was your taste at 2am and your voice at 10am, all I knew was how your hand adore to danced
    on my body and how your eye's made my heart shine when you opened them into mine.
    I'm just a naive guy who fell in love with you, a girl who is forgetting as easy as to breathing, a naive guy who spent the night waiting for a call from you, a stupid guy who still listens to that songs we used to make love to. A guy who wants to get rid of these feelings, who wants to turn the pain into dust that lays on the shelf where also your "forever"s and "always"s are.