• galaxymilky 26w

    @queen_butterfly not random . I thought I should tag you for kicking me to scribble something :-D

    /When you don't know what to write but just scribbled all the random stuffs together /

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    Writing out mind is kind of finding peace and letting go of things which wasn't able to be aloud . When added a little pinch of poetic words and artistic beauty the authentic dish of poetry is served .

    Embedding heart's Symphony with poetic clay and moulded in heat , the art is ready . It's easy but can it be this perfect till the world growth aprt and grey in all its means . I often wonder do people get to understand what I meant from soul through the mere synonyms I choose for them .

    Like sun set with the rainy evening and a hot mug of coffee , a quill and a lonely room in the middle of the loud city is something I wish . In the everyday race I miss me , nature and the beauty of the untold stories . Pen with half drained ink and earthy books are a part of the corner table for decades ; untouched , unfinished . I wonder when will I tell again a tale about heart and its smoky past in the present like a florists who tells stories through flowers .

    The moving train is the one I fantasized most when I was that little kid with no troubles . It move past everything . Nothing matters ! It Chase out the love of life , the skyscrapers , and zenith wonders in a blink . Do the existence of moment matters to everything and everyone ? I'm scared of being one such in this busy money maker's world . Let me be a little selfish in this , with my curiosity towards people , places , things and their life .

    I wish I'm that sky above everyone who can watch everything without hurting or middling in anyone's life which they paint in hues . To know about happiness , pain , love and all other beautiful emotions .

    I miss the beauty of seasons I tasted through you
    I miss the poetic world you brought to me.
    I miss the colours of your rainbow
    Darling , I hope to breath again through your poetic hues .
    Dew drops touched ,
    little heat , flattering heart ,
    a blush , a glance ;
    Darling ,
    I miss the cold winters in your arms .