• im_your_hazel 66w

    White coat freak

    You were a bizarre sight for a sombre day.
    I took to you as my tutor, oh how better could we have met? ( Sarcasm intended )
    You looked intimidating as fuck, but I straightened my socks and played myself into putting up with your sway, Lest all the warnings that were thrown my way.
    But how else could i have saved my failing chemistry grades.. my ego had to deflate
    I begged but you were tough to convince, like Adolf Hitler obeyed.
    You coldly spat your 'no' like I was the only person you detest but i stood by my words waiting for the "you will only be taught by myself". If the teacher had decided to be stubborn, his student was no less.
    With a sigh here n there and a stone gaze beheld, we came to an agreement.
    I to be your lab rat and you , my focal point of gaze....,

    You were just a 'white coat freak' before me,
    but you've been 'my white coat freak' since then what you say??