• aditii_ 20w

    repost from yesterday.

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    Straight lines and spirals

    Fragments of carved manuscript on a wooden piece of heart, replenished old scars;

    a ring of fire,
    spilled darkness over the years ago,
    mashing giggling eyes, under the barefoot of strange time;

    The stars over the dusky sky, started melting the happiness of a human's alive,
    and suddenly bones started getting deficient of smiles

    only buried sadness over the atmosphere,
    craving for peace,
    the bloated cheeks splattering words of hatred,
    a toxicity inside human settling like oil over pan

    the ancestors searching for thier innocent kids,
    who are now blazing in the fire heroin high,
    a hangover dance of not easing oneself,
    but pouring wax, over deep wounds

    the softness of pebbles in ancient period,
    has turned it rigid feather,
    an illicit bond of human with forgery has started,
    with this evolution

    an evolution of straight lines to spiral tales have started,
    the pothole of falling in cruelty is digging its way.