• maiatamarain 20w

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    Simple dimple simple dimple (◕ᴗ◕✿)♪(┌・。・)┌

    I've spent 66 circles of 4 seasons
    With you by my side
    In a countryside house
    Alone just the 2 of us
    We sang laughed
    Danced to the vinyl
    A camera you bought
    Black metal piece
    It was a long time ago
    Still I remember...
    You asked me smile so you could
    Click a picture of me by the fireplace
    I replied with a smirk

    "People like me fade away

    With zero photographs behind

    Just in the memories

    We live and burn...

    Anyways I'm not looking that beautiful

    That you had capture it"

    You stared right into my eyes
    And said "you look adorable tonight"
    Then you held the camera in front of me
    And the light flashed..

    It's going to be the start of 67th round
    But you not by my side this time
    A widow gown and some lilies
    That photograph I buried it
    Just beside your grave
    In my future place

    It's okie I whisper to myself
    Every time the picture crosses my mind
    I'm glad I lived and bloomed
    In your memories
    And that's enough

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