• diyabedi 10w

    Pheww, writing after a longg time, it feels good to be back here.
    Will read everyone soon, I hope you people have not forgotten me XD

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    Precious Emotions

    A beautiful childhood and the eagerness to grow up
    Looney tunes and birthday balloons
    Senseless fights and deep wounds
    Fancy dress and stubborn wishes
    Inventing games and mimicking characters
    Sleeping with your favourite toy and hugging trees
    The process of growing up and noticing the unnoticeable.
    Unwrapped joy, palpable cries
    The bittersweet taste of coffee and unveiled lies
    Those suffocated poetries and unheard stories
    The mocking and the inevitable embarrassment
    Unexpected betrayals and a forgiving smile
    Ugly heartbreaks and painful separation
    Bleak emptiness and the dark loneliness
    The anxiety during exam and the relief when it's over
    Happy achievements and "Proud of you" moments
    The smell of my favourite food and the surprise parties
    Late night texts and 3 am thoughts
    Existential crisis and frustrating dilemma
    Amazing festivals and cringey selfies
    Words, words and some words
    The thoughts of life and the thoughts of death
    I have preserved everything I ever had.
    In the end, when someone asks me what I have preserved over the years, I say with a smile- Precious emotions.