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    Overtime I've realised it shouldn't matter how they think about you. What matters is how you think about yourself. But still I tried this option. Cause it felt like a reminder. Like you are your own light.


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    Scissors and tapes,
    I'm all colourless shades.

    I can be light,
    But I can also be worst thing to one's sight.

    Someway, I'm a candle, kindness flickers as I burn.
    But somedays I'm the flame, something lame.

    There are two islands which you see,
    One is me being nice,
    The other has me as ice.

    On one hand I accept my mistakes.
    And you see me, as my cruelness.
    You call names, no one would ever love.
    I still smile and there you go!
    I became a hypocrite. Right?
    You call me a sinister, wretched, and heartless.
    Again I smile, Beacuse I've never had any classes to teach me how to respond.

    You once told me, this isn't the way I should behave. I giggled. Though it hurt. But how shall I copy a personality. I've never learnt that.

    You just use me. Refuse me.
    But I can never be recycled.
    I'll never give my shoulder to any body to cry on.

    But again, there's another side to my coin.
    This one is full of optimism.
    Filled with sweetness and kindness,
    lights and butterflies.
    People like Lanterns.
    People like fireflies.
    They speak with no biased thoughts.
    They fly.
    They call my shadows the sunshine.
    They make the best poem.